Extreme weather can bring with it many emergency situations where you'll need supplies to keep you going before help arrives. But what supplies are necessary?

Whether you want to be prepared for when the next storm comes or severe flood hits, this blog looks at what supplies you should have in the event of being cut off for an extended length of time by the weather.



Food is essential in any kind of emergency. But in the event of extreme weather, you don't always know how long food supplies will be needed. This could depend on how long you're trapped in your home, or how long your house will be out of action, for instance. So it's important to have access to a supply of quality, durable food, which has a long shelf life and doesn't need to be refrigerated.

Dealing with an emergency like extreme weather might also lead you to feeling stressed, exhausted and run down, making you more vulnerable to catching colds or flu. So, your food should be filling and nutritious to keep your calorie and energy levels up and help you stay healthy. It's also wise to choose packs of food that can be stored easily and don't need to be eaten on plates. This helps to keep waste to a minimum and also means you have less to account for in your supply store by reducing the amount of utensils and equipment you need.

Good examples of food supplies to consider include substantial canned foods like tinned tuna, salmon and soup. You could also include healthy nutritious snacks like nuts, protein bars and dried fruit. Freeze-dried meals, which can be prepared quickly by simply adding water are another fantastic option.



Having access to fresh, clean, drinkable water is essential during extreme weather. First, there's the important point that we need water to survive and that it's important to stay hydrated. But, also, extreme weather, like a storm or flood, can limit your access to tap water. Damage and flooding can also cause water to become contaminated by raw sewage, resulting in fresh water being unavailable for weeks.

Water isn't just for drinking however, a lot of survival foods, such as freeze-dried meals, require it for their preparation. They can be rehydrated using hot water, or if necessary cold. This is why you need to consider your water consumption and usage in relation to not only your hydration needs but also in terms of what you need to make the most of your supplies.

To ensure you have fresh water available, there are different options to think about. You could stock up on supplies of bottled water, for instance. but it's worth pointing out that this type of water can absorb the chemicals from the bottles over time. Another option is to buy a water filtration kit from a camping store, or to invest in a larger fitted system that cleans and purifies your water. Or you could use purification tablets, which campers often use to clean the water they collect on an excursion, ensuring it's safe to drink.


Power and warmth

Making sure you have access to a decent supply of power should be of key importance in the event of extreme weather. Hazardous weather can result in problems like power cuts and temporarily stop access to gas and electricity. So it's wise to ensure you have the right equipment to provide you with power should this happen. This could range from battery-powered electricals, like torches and radio to small gas generators. So it's important to keep a stockpile of spare batteries. It's also worth putting together a survival kit, which can include a spare fully charged mobile phone.

Keeping warm is another priority in the event of extreme weather. As a storm or flood can result in no power, this can mean no heating. So you should ensure you have plenty of clothing to keep warm and provide extra layers to add warmth, from thick socks and thermal trousers to jumpers and weatherproof coats. You should also have stored a couple of sleeping bags and blankets to keep you warm during those cold nights when you're without power.


Helping you to be prepared for extreme weather

It's important to have the right food supplies so you're fully prepared for whenever extreme weather hits, from storms and blizzards to hurricanes and large-scale floods. At Fuel Your Preparation, we provide a wide range of freeze-dried meals, which are packed with flavor and perfect for long-term supply stores. Our products are:

  • Long-lasting - A long shelf life means pouches last for seven years and tinned products keep for 25 years
  • Easy to prepare - You just add water and wait for the meal to rehydrate, you can use hot water for a delicious warming meal, however if this isn't possible you can use cold water and still have access to a nutritious meal
  • Expertly cooked - Before being freeze-dried, products are cooked to ensure they taste great
  • Nutritious - Bursting with carbohydrates and protein to make you feel warm and full of energy. Each dish is packed with fruit and veg to also help you work towards your 5-a-day.

With a range of flavours, textures and tastes to choose from, including two-day to five-day kits, our products will ensure you've got exactly what you need to see you through any emergency.

If you'd like to find out more about our range of freeze-dried survival kits, take a look at our kits page or contact us to speak to a member of our team.