If you live in a rural area, perhaps high in the hills or in a valley that gets hit particularly hard by snowfall, you might run the risk of being trapped by the weather.

Being snowed in might seem like a novelty in some situations, but what should you keep in mind if the weather shows no signs of easing or the snow thawing? In these situations, you may find that you need to rely on more long-term planning to get by.

How to prepare

You need to think about what your key needs are going to be when you are snowed in and ensure you are prepared.

You might be in a situation where you still have access to water, power and heating. In these situations, your main concern should be food and staying warm while you wait for snow to thaw or rescue to arrive.

In more serious conditions that limit your access to electricity or heating, for example, you are going to need to take extra precautions to ensure you are prepared. If the area you live in expects snowfall, it is always worthwhile to keep an eye on weather reports and local news. These can give you an indication of how severe the weather is likely to be and give you enough time to ensure you are adequately prepared.

This might begin with looking at what emergency supplies and equipment you already have and restocking areas that might be running low. Or it could be ensuring your property is more resistant to damage from the cold, such as making sure pipes are insulated to help prevent them from freezing.

What to prepare

Even if you think snowfall is going to only leave you stuck in your home for a single day, you should still take precautions and ensure you are properly prepared.

Warmth is crucial, especially if you’ve lost heating in your home. Making sure you have access to blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothes can help to stave off the cold while you wait for help to arrive.

You should also, as part of your prep, make sure you have a shovel or means to clear snow in your home. This can help you to prevent being completely trapped. However, you should only clear snow if it is safe to do so and you are able to clear the access points to your property without injuring yourself.

Keep in mind any medical needs you have. If bad weather is predicted and you require a constant supply of prescription medication, such as insulin, for example, it’s worth talking to your GP or Pharmacist to get extra and ensure you don’t run out of vital medication if you are snowed in.

You also need to make sure you have enough food and water stockpiled to help you stay well hydrated and full.

Bottles of water and a range of tinned, dried and freeze-dried food are great choices for long-lasting supplies which can help tide you over when you’re snowed in. You also need to consider that, if your access to gas or electricity is limited as a result of the weather, you might need to ensure you also have access to something like a camping stove to allow you to boil water and cook.

How can we help you to prepare for any situation?

Being snowed in can vary in severity. From a mild inconvenience that keeps you away from work, to a more long-winded and difficult situation that could see you without power or trapped for several days.

Ensuring you have the right supplies is crucial when it comes to keeping you, your friends, family or colleagues safe if you’re trapped by bad weather.

At Fuel Your Preparation, we provide a range of freeze-dried meals which can help ensure you have access to nutritious, tasty meals in any situation. Our breakfasts, main courses and desserts are:

  • Nutritious – packed with the carbohydrates and protein you need to feel warm and full in any situation
  • Easy to prepare – simply add water and wait for the meal to rehydrate. In difficult situations our meals can also be rehydrated using cold water, ensuring you always have access to food
  • Freeze-dried to create a product with a lengthy shelf life. Each pouch lasts for 7 years, while tins last for 25
  • Expertly cooked prior to being freeze-dried, ensuring each meal tastes great

Whether you need to stockpile food to ensure you’re always prepared, want a small supply to help you comfortably ride out a power cut or want a stockpile that you can rely on in inhospitable, isolated conditions, our meals are a fantastic option for those looking to have access to a long-lasting supply of delicious food.

To find out more about our range of freeze-dried survival foods, take a look at our meals page or contact us to speak to a member of our team.