In order to help UK residents, stay better prepared for different hazards across Britain we’ve launched an interactive map. The map highlights the different historical, political, social and environmental problems that effect each region of the country.

We’ve conducted extensive research into the different issues which have impacted Britain throughout history. The map allows us to present this in a way that gives people an idea of the sorts of situations they might want to consider being prepared for depending on where they live, work or have family.

Built using statistics, data and historical information the map draws attention to a variety of emergency situations, including:

  • Environmental issues - including flooding and earthquakes
  • Criminal – highlighting areas where there has been a rise in crime or instances of criminality which have a wide impact
  • Food and Drink – such as how different conditions such as a heat wave or flooding can impact food supplies
  • Historical – including examples of widespread flooding and man-made issues

Diana Morris, Country Manager at European Freeze Dry, said of the map:

“The map is a fantastic tool for anyone with even a passing interest in preparedness. We hope it helps people to see what issues there have been in their area and what steps they can take to ensure their safety and the safety of the people they’re responsible for.”

The map can be a fantastic starting point for your own research into what impacts your area ensuring that you have the right equipment, skills and supplies in place.

This can help you steer your preparedness planning towards specific areas. For example, while there is a general level of preparedness to have, you might also need to pay additional attention towards flood defence. Or you might want to put more of a focus on how to cope with being cut off from water due to man-made issues, such as fracking or nuclear contamination.

To find out more about the various hazards and issues which might affect you, take a look at our Preparedness Map here.