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  1. How will Brexit effect food supplies?

    With the uncertainty of Brexit looming over Britain, many people are stockpiling food supplies to prepare their families for a potential emergency. Given 60.4% of all UK imports currently come from the EU, it’s not too hard to see the problems that could be lying ahead. When it comes to Brexit, the potential food trade agreement that could be reached...
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  2. Essentials for a bug out bag

    Having to evacuate with little notice is never a pleasant experience. However, with the right preparation and the right essentials in place before you need them, you can better ensure you’re ready for anything, and able to handle an extended stay away from home. That’s why a bug out bag is such an important part of survival preparation, letting you...
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  3. How to prepare your car for an emergency

    From poor weather to breaking down, or emergency situations that leave you away from home, there might be times when you’re in an emergency situation. This could also be away from where you’ve normally made your preparations and stockpiled supplies. This is why it’s important to consider preparation in other areas, especially your car, if it’s something you use every...
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  4. What makes a good meal in an emergency situation?

    Being caught in an emergency situation can be a tough, tiring and frightening experience. There are things you need to do to get through them, from staying warm to keeping energized. The foods you prepare and eat in such circumstances are crucial to helping you achieve this. To help make sure you eat the right food, we look at what...
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  5. How to create a preparedness plan

    Being ready for an emergency allows you to be much more reactive and able to get to safety sooner. Proper planning can help you to make sure you have the right equipment and skills in place to take care of yourself. Large disaster organisations and governments often put preparedness plans in place to help civilians. It can be beneficial to...
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  6. What should you do when trapped by flooding?

    Depending on where you live, you might find yourself at the mercy of the weather. From snowfall, to heavy rainfall and flooding. Different weather conditions can leave you isolated or trapped for varying lengths of time. The steps you need to take to prepare for one weather condition might vary from one to another. So, what should you do to...
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