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  1. Fuel Your Preparation Launch Preparedness Map

    In order to help UK residents, stay better prepared for different hazards across Britain we’ve launched an interactive map. The map highlights the different historical, political, social and environmental problems that effect each region of the country. We’ve conducted extensive research into the different issues which have impacted Britain throughout history. The map allows us to present this in a...
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  2. What do you need to be prepared for winter?

    Winter is often one of the most disruptive times of the year. Weather begins to worsen, and temperatures begin to drop, which can lead to a wide range of issues for many people, especially for those who aren’t fully ready and prepared. Ensuring you’re as ready as you can be for whatever winter brings your way is important so that...
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  3. What should you bring when leaving in an emergency?

    It’s not nice to think about having to leave your home or possessions behind in an emergency. However, in extreme cases, such as with advancing floods, storms or other extreme conditions it might be necessary. When you have to leave your home, it tends to be in a hurry, which is why having a bag prepared can help make sure...
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  4. Food supplies for looking after your staff in isolated environments

    When your staff are put into an isolated environment, whether through their work or the result of an emergency, having a good food supply is crucial. It’s important to provide employees with food that caters for their needs and won’t be affected by the conditions of the environment they’re in. To supply the right foods for your employees either in...
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  5. What should you do when you're snowed in?

    If you live in a rural area, perhaps high in the hills or in a valley that gets hit particularly hard by snowfall, you might run the risk of being trapped by the weather. Being snowed in might seem like a novelty in some situations, but what should you keep in mind if the weather shows no signs of easing...
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  6. What emergencies should you prepare for?

    When it comes to preparing for an emergency, there’s some general common-sense items that you should always stockpile such as food, water and medical supplies. The confusion can arise when it comes to working out specifics to help you cope with certain types of emergency. How do you work out which ones you should prepare for and what impact does...
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  7. How should you store your emergency food supplies?

    Having enough food stored to prepare for an unexpected emergency is vital. Whatever emergency may occur and however severe it might be, there are things you should keep in mind to ensure you stay safe, fed and hydrated throughout. One important factor to think about is the storage of your supplies. So, to ensure you can weather any emergency that...
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  8. What to do during a long power cut

    Any power cut can be a rather disruptive experience. However, when a power cut looks to last for several days or longer, there are things to keep in mind to ensure you handle it as best you can. From keeping yourselves well-fed, to keeping yourself occupied and in touch with friends and family, here are some of the things you...
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  9. What should be in my emergency food supply?

    Preparing for an emergency situation involves a lot of careful consideration. You might need to make sure you have access to the right supplies in terms of fuel, clothing and medical equipment. But what should you consider when it comes to putting together your emergency food supplies? The amount You need to think about the situations that you might find...
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