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Emergencies by their very nature are not planned, but that does not mean that we are unable to plan for them! With Fuel Your Preparation our range of products can ensure a warm and nutritious meal whether the emergency is something small like a power cut, or large scale such as a flood or earthquake. With a shelf life ranging from 7 to 25 years, we have the food to fuel you in your hour of need. Fuel Your Preparation – One less thing to worry about…

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Joe Preston say’s

I’ve just tried the Salmon and Broccoli Pasta for the first time – very tasty and filled me up nicely.

Nick, Wales say’s

The seasoning was just right, not over powering, but contributed to the meal. I appreciate it’s not easy catering for a wide range of tastes, but this seems to have found a middle way.


My wife and I really enjoyed your new chocolate mousse. The granola and cherry really enhanced it, I think you have a winner here.

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